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Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

The Chem-Resin® material that is featured on Biotix pipette tips is an important feature that facilitates a low volume draw while ensuring drip-free dispense of chemical compounds. Biotix pipette tips are registered and unregistered trademarks of Biotix, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. When it comes to a reliable and convenient pipette tip, quality matters and Biotix makes it easy to use.

Biotix pipette tips are a better choice than other types of tips because they contain up to 30% less plastic than their competitors. Their patented FlexFit design reduces the amount of energy needed to disassemble and reuse them. The tips stack in your existing pipette tip rack, reducing waste. The bases are thin-walled, but sturdy, and are also reusable as reagent reservoirs.

These flexible and sterile Biotix uTip Filter Pipette Tips fit most common types of pipettes. The patented FlexFit and Blade technologies reduce the force required for insertion and ejection of tips. Moreover, these tips feature a tighter CV value. You can purchase Biotix pipette tips with a wide range of features, and choose the best one for your application.

The FlexFit technology on Biotix uTIP pipette tip is engineered to minimize residual sample in the tip. This enhances the precision of sample transfer. These tips are available in different volumes to suit your needs. These tips are also certified to be free from PCR inhibitors, RNase, and endotoxins. They are a better alternative to sterile tips and can help minimize the risk of contamination.

Besides minimizing waste, Biotix is committed to reducing plastic pollution in the laboratory. Most of the laboratory plastic waste is sent to landfills or incinerated. Arta Motadel, Chief Technology Officer of Biotix, began her career in bioengineering 30 years ago. She was involved with pipette design for years, and she has been focusing on sustainability and waste reduction ever since.

biotix tips

Biotix Tips

Biotix Tips are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are referred to as Xtreme Quality (r), meaning they are the highest quality manual or automation tips available. The Biotix manufacturing production floor is extremely well-controlled, with temperature and humidity monitored throughout the entire process. Biotix products are manufactured to exacting quality specifications and undergo extensive testing for consistency. They have a strict lot control system, with serial numbers printed on each box and CV testing data on each tip.

Unlike other pipette tips, Biotix uTIP pipette tips are designed to reduce the amount of residual sample in the tips. This improves precision and minimizes sample contamination. These pipettes are available in a wide range of volumes. They are also free from RNase and other PCR inhibitors. They have all been tested and certified to be free of RNase and other contaminants. To prevent cross-contamination, Biotix tips also are made with non-absorbent resin that is compatible with most universal pipettes.

The uTIP line from Biotix offers a wide range of uTip options that are made for universal pipettes. These tips are flexible and feature patented technologies to reduce the required insertion and ejection force. The X-Resin-based tips are low-retention and have tighter CV values. The Biotix uTIP tips can fit any universal pipette, even those that are designed to fit older styles.

Sarstedt Pipette Tips Refilling Device

If you use Sarstedt pipette tips often, you may want to consider purchasing a refilling device for your non-rack pipette. These handy devices make it easier to insert and align your pipette tips. They can be purchased online and are designed for use with Sarstedt pipette tips of 10 uL or higher. They can be made from nails or iron rods with a diameter of about one millimeter. They come in handy in any lab, as they are inexpensive and convenient.

Pipette tips are vital to accurate dosing and ensuring accurate results, and the right tip is essential to making that happen. This product is designed to maximize compatibility with pipettes and offer the highest quality pipetting consumables. Sarstedt, a leading manufacturer of pipette tips, provides a wide selection of quality products that meet the highest quality standards. Quality is determined by the materials used, the design, and the optimum fit on pipettes.

A report on the global Pipette Tips market identifies and analyzes companies, products, and sales. Sales figures are segmented by region, type, application, and sales channel. The report also examines the growth of the global market for Pipette Tips over the next five years. The report highlights key trends in the industry and provides insights on the competitive landscape in each region. You can access a copy of the complete Pipette Tips market report by clicking here.

A wide range of certified Sarstedt pipette tips ensure reliability, reproducibility, and accuracy. Some are even equipped with filters to prevent aerosol from contaminating the tips. The high quality of Sarstedt pipette tips is reflected in the high transparency and accuracy of the pipettes. The pipette tips come in three purity grades, and an economical low retention version. You can select the best tip for your needs.

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